Man pages for OPDOE
Optimal Design of Experiments

cattleCattle data
design.reg.polynomDesign for Polynomial Regression
design.regressionRegression Design Object
hadStored Hadmard matrices
heightsmale / female heights data
hempHemp data
OPDOE-undocumented(still) undocumented functions a regression design object
print.triangular.testPrint method for Triangular Test Objects
size.anovaDesign of Experiments for ANOVA
size_a.three_wayThree-way analysis of variance - mixed classification (A in...
size_bc.three_wayThree-way analysis of variance - cross classification (A in...
size_b.three_wayThree-way analysis of variance - nested and mixed...
size_b.two_wayDesign for Two-Way ANOVA
size_c.three_wayThree-way analysis of variance - several cross-, nested and...
size_n.one_wayDesign for One-Way ANOVA
size_n.three_wayDesign for Three-Way ANOVA
size_n.two_wayDesign for Two-Way ANOVA
triangular.testTriangular Test Object
triangular.test.normTriangular Test for Normal Data
triangular.test.propTriangular Test for Bernoulli Data
update.triangular.testPrint method for Triangular Test Objects
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