Man pages for OPI
Open Perimetry Interface

cdTodbConvert cd/m^2 to dB
chooseOpiChoose an implementation of the OPI.
dbTocdConvert dB to cd/m^2.
degTopixConvert degrees to pixels for machine 'machine'
fourTwo4-2 Staircase
FTFull Threshold
MOCSMethod of Constant Stimuli (MOCS)
opiCloseClose using OPI.
opiInitializeInitialize OPI.
opiKineticStimulusStimulus parameter list.
OPI-packageOpen Perimetry Interface
opiPresentUse OPI to present stimulus.
opiQueryDeviceQuery device using OPI.
opiSetBackgroundSet background using OPI.
opiStaticStimulusStimulus parameter list.
opiTemporalStimulusStimulus parameter list.
pixTodegconvert pixels to degrees for machine 'machine'
RtDbUnitsResponse times to white-on-white Goldmann Size III targets...
RtSigmaUnitsResponse times to white-on-white Goldmann Size III targets...
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