Man pages for ORION
Ordinal Relations

as.edgedataframeCoerce to an Edge List
as.subcascadesCoerce to a Subcascades Object
confConstruction of Binary Classifier Sensitivities
confusionTableConstruction of a Confusion Table
dropSetsFilter out Subcascades
dropSizeFilters for size
dropThresholdExclude Cascades Based on Threshold
eslESL Dataset
esl_orgESL Dataset
groupwiseCoerce to a Groupwise object
keepSetsFilter Subcascades
keepSizeFilter for Size
keepThresholdFilters for Threshold
mergeSubcascadesMerge Subcascades
nonOrdinalDatanon-ordinal data
ordinalDataordinal data
plotBaseClassifierBase Classifier Performance Heatmap
plotConfBase Classifier Performance Heatmap
plot.ConfBase Classifier Performance Heatmap
plot.ConfusionTableExtended Confusion Table Plot
plot.GroupwiseHeatmap of a Groupwise Object
plot.PredictionMapHeatmap of a PredictionMap Object
plot.SubcascadesHeatmap of a Subcascades Object
predictionMapConstruction of a Prediction Map Object
print.ConfPrints all details about a Conf object.
print.ConfusionTablePrints all details about a ConfusionTable object.
print.GroupwisePrints all details about a Groupwise object.
print.PredictionMapPrints all details about a PredictionMap object.
print.SubcascadesPrints all details about a Subcascades object.
screeningDatascreening data
subcascadesSubcascades Evaluation
summaryClassesOccurrence of Classes by Size
summary.ConfSummary of conf
summary.ConfusionTableSummary of confusion tables
summary.GroupwiseOverview Class Groups
summary.PredictionMapSummary of prediction maps
summarySubcascadesOverview Subcascades
summary.SubcascadesSummary Subcascades Characteristics
tunePareto.occOrdinal Classifier Cascade Tune Pareto Object
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