Man pages for OSCV
One-Sided Cross-Validation

ASE_regThe ASE function for the local linear estimator (LLE) in the...
C_smoothThe OSCV smooth rescaling constant.
CV_regThe cross-validation (CV) function in the regression context.
fstarNonsmooth density function with seven cusps.
h_ASE_regThe ASE-optimal bandwidth in the regression context.
H_IThe family of two-sided cross-validation kernels H_I.
h_OSCV_densThe OSCV bandwidth in the density estimation context.
h_OSCV_regThe OSCV bandwidth in the regression context.
ISE_fstarThe ISE function in the kernel density estimation (KDE)...
L_IThe family of one-sided cross-validation kernels L_I.
loclinComputing the local linear estimate (LLE).
OSCV_Epan_densThe OSCV function based on L_E, the one-sided Epanechnikov...
OSCV_Gauss_densThe OSCV function based on L_G, the one-sided Gaussian...
OSCV_LI_densThe OSCV function based on the kernel 'L_I' in the density...
OSCV_regThe OSCV function in the regression context.
reg3Nonsmooth regression function with six cusps.
sample_fstarTaking a random sample from 'fstar'.
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