Man pages for OTclust
Mean Partition, Uncertainty Assessment, Cluster Validation and Visualization Selection for Cluster Analysis

alignOptimal Transport Alignment
clustCPSCPS Analysis for cluster validation..
cplotCovering Point Set Plot
CPSCPS Analysis on a collection of clustering results
ensembleGenerate an ensemble of partitions.
jaccardJaccard similarity matrix.
mplotMembership Heat Map
otclustMean partition by optimal transport anlignment.
otplotVisulize a partition on 2 dimensional space
perturbPerturb data by adding noise or bootstrapping
preprocessData preprocessing
sim1Simulated toy data
visCPSCPS Analysis on selecting visualization method.
vis_pollenSingle cell gene visualization data from Pollen's paper
wassDistWasserstein distance between two partitions.
YANSingle cell gene data from Yan's paper
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