Man pages for Ohmage
R Client for Ohmage 2 Server

loadtestData generations for loadtesting
loadtest.wipeDelete campaign generated by loadtest function
multifactorMultifactor is a datastructure for survey items in the form...
oh.campaign.createCreate a new campaign
oh.campaign.deleteDelete a campaign from the server
oh.campaign.readList campaigns available on the server
oh.class.createCreate a new class
oh.class.deleteDelete a class from the server
oh.class.readRead info about a class
oh.class.updateUpdate a class
oh.image.readDownload an image
oh.loginAuthenticate with an ohmage server
oh.logoutLogout from an ohmage session
oh.mobility.readRead Mobility data
oh.survey_response.function.readSurvey Response Function Read
oh.survey_response.readRead survey responses
oh.survey_response.updateUpdate the privacy status of a survey response
oh.survey.uploadUpload a survey response
oh.user.authRetrieve hashed passwd for a user
oh.user.createCreate a new user
oh.user.deleteDelete users from the server
oh.user.readRead info about a user
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