Man pages for OpenImageR
An Image Processing Toolkit

Augmentationimage augmentations of a matrix, data frame, array or a list...
average_hashcalculation of the 'average hash' of an image
cropImagecrop an image
crop_image_secondarycrop an image in R [ for RGB or grey images ]
delationErosionDelation or Erosion of an image
dhashcalculation of the 'dhash' of an image
dilationErosionDilation or Erosion of an image
down_sample_imagedownsampling an image ( by a factor ) using gaussian blur
edge_detectionedge detection (Frei_chen, LoG, Prewitt, Roberts_cross,...
flipImageflip image horizontally or vertically
func_chech_rangefunction to check the range of values of an image or...
func_transformsecondary function for HOG_apply
GaborFeatureExtractGabor Feature Extraction
gamma_correctionGamma correction
getAffineTransformGet Affine Transform
hash_applycalculate the binary or the hexadecimal hash for a matrix,...
HOGcalculate the HOG (Histogram of oriented gradients) for an...
HOG_applycalculate the HOG (Histogram of oriented gradients) for a...
imageShowdisplay an image
image_thresholdingimage thresholding
invariant_hashinvariant hashing (caclulation of the hamming or the...
laplacian_kernelslaplacian kernels
List_2_Arrayconvert a list of matrices to an array of matrices
load_binaryloads either 2- or 3-dimensional data (where the third...
MinMaxObjectminimum and maximum values of vector, matrix, data frame or...
NormalizeObjectnormalize a vector, matrix or array (in the range between 0...
norm_matrix_rangeNormalize a matrix to specific range of values
paddingPadding of matrices or n-dimensional arrays with a user...
phashcalculation of the 'phash' of an image
readImagethis function reads various types of images
resizeImageresize an image using the 'nearest neighbors' or the...
rgb_2grayconvert an RGB image to Gray
RGB_to_HSVConversion of RGB to HSV colour type
RGB_to_LabConversion of RGB to Lab colour type
rotateFixedRotate an image by 90, 180, 270 degrees
rotateImageRotate an image using the 'nearest' or 'bilinear' method
runUIlauncher for the shiny application
sec_gaus_blsecondary function for downsampling
sec_resiz_arraysecondary function for 'resizeImage' [ array ]
superpixel_bboxBounding box for the superpixel labels
superpixel_bbox_subsetBounding box for a subset of superpixel labels
superpixelsSLIC and SLICO superpixel implementations
switch_filtersecondary function for edge_detection function
switch_hashingif-else function for hashing
switch_invariantsecondary function for invariant_hash
translationimage translation
uniform_filteruniform filter (convolution with uniform kernel)
verify_image_extensionVerify that the input image extension is valid
warpAffineWarp Affine
writeImageThis function writes 2- or 3-dimensional image (where the...
ZCAwhitenzca whiten of an image
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