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'' is an online machine learning platform where researchers can easily download and upload data sets, share machine learning tasks and experiments and organize them online to work and collaborate more effectively. We provide an R interface to the OpenML REST API in order to download and upload data sets, tasks, flows and runs, see <> for more information.

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AuthorGiuseppe Casalicchio <>, Bernd Bischl <>, Dominik Kirchhoff <>, Michel Lang <>, Benjamin Hofner <>, Jakob Bossek <>, Pascal Kerschke <>, Joaquin Vanschoren <>
Date of publication2017-03-30 11:28:29 UTC
MaintainerGiuseppe Casalicchio <>
LicenseBSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

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Man pages

clearOMLCache: Clear cache directories

configuration: OpenML configuration.

convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow: Converts an OMLFlow to an mlr learner.

convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet: Converts a mlr task to an OpenML data set.

convertOMLDataSetToMlr: Convert an OpenML data set to mlr task.

convertOMLFlowToMlr: Converts a flow to a mlr learner.

convertOMLMlrRunToBMR: Convert 'OMLMlrRun's to a 'BenchmarkResult'.

convertOMLRunToBMR: Convert an OpenML run set to a benchmark result for mlr.

convertOMLTaskToMlr: Convert an OpenML task to mlr.

deleteOMLObject: Delete an OpenML object.

doAPICall: Perform an API call to the OpenML server.

downloadOMLObject: Download an OpenML Object.

getCachedOMLDataSetStatus: Check status of cached datasets.

getOMLConfig: Get OpenML configuration.

getOMLDataSet: Get an OpenML data set.

getOMLDataSetQualities: List available OpenML qualities with values for given data...

getOMLFlow: Download an OpenML flow.

getOMLRun: Get an OpenML run.

getOMLRunParList: Extract OMLRunParList from run

getOMLSeedParList: Extract OMLSeedParList from run

getOMLTask: Get an OpenML task.

listOMLDataSetQualities: List available OpenML qualities names.

listOMLDataSets: List the first 5000 OpenML data sets.

listOMLEstimationProcedures: List available estimation procedures.

listOMLEvaluationMeasures: List available OpenML evaluation measures.

listOMLFlows: List all registered OpenML flows.

listOMLRunEvaluations: List run results of a task.

listOMLRuns: List OpenML runs.

listOMLTasks: List the first 5000 OpenML tasks.

listOMLTaskTypes: List available OpenML task types.

loadOMLConfig: Load OpenML configuration.

makeOMLEstimationProcedure: Construct OMLEstimationProcedure.

makeOMLFlow: Construct OMLFlow.

makeOMLFlowParameter: Construct OMLFlowParameter.

makeOMLRun: Construct OMLRun.

makeOMLRunParameter: Construct OMLRunParameter.

makeOMLRunParList: Construct OMLRunParList.

makeOMLSeedParList: Construct OMLSeedParList

makeOMLTask: Construct OMLTask.

OMLDataSet: OMLDataSet.

OMLDataSetDescription: Construct OMLDataSetDescription.


populateOMLCache: Download a bunch of OpenML objects to cache.

runTaskFlow: Reproduce the Run

runTaskMlr: Run mlr learner on OpenML task.

saveOMLConfig: Saves a list of OpenML configuration settings to file.

setOMLConfig: Settter for configuration settings.

tagging: Tagging of OpenML objects

uploadOMLDataSet: Upload a data set to the OpenML server.

uploadOMLFlow: Upload an OpenML.

uploadOMLRun: Upload an OpenML run.


clearOMLCache Man page
configuration Man page
convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow Man page
convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet Man page
convertOMLDataSetToMlr Man page
convertOMLFlowToMlr Man page
convertOMLMlrRunToBMR Man page
convertOMLRunToBMR Man page
convertOMLTaskToMlr Man page
deleteOMLObject Man page
doAPICall Man page
downloadOMLObject Man page
getCachedOMLDataSetStatus Man page
getOMLConfig Man page
getOMLDataSet Man page
getOMLDataSetQualities Man page
getOMLFlow Man page
getOMLRun Man page
getOMLRunParList Man page
getOMLSeedParList Man page
getOMLTask Man page
listOMLDataSetQualities Man page
listOMLDataSets Man page
listOMLEstimationProcedures Man page
listOMLEvaluationMeasures Man page
listOMLFlows Man page
listOMLRunEvaluations Man page
listOMLRuns Man page
listOMLTasks Man page
listOMLTaskTypes Man page
loadOMLConfig Man page
makeOMLDataSet Man page
makeOMLDataSetDescription Man page
makeOMLEstimationProcedure Man page
makeOMLFlow Man page
makeOMLFlowParameter Man page
makeOMLRun Man page
makeOMLRunParameter Man page
makeOMLRunParList Man page
makeOMLSeedParList Man page
makeOMLTask Man page
OMLDataSet Man page
OMLDataSetDescription Man page
OMLEstimationProcedure Man page
OMLFlow Man page
OMLFlowParameter Man page
OMLIOData Man page
OMLMlrRun Man page
OMLRun Man page
OMLRunParameter Man page
OMLRunParList Man page
OMLSeedParList Man page
OMLTask Man page
populateOMLCache Man page
runTaskFlow Man page
runTaskMlr Man page
saveOMLConfig Man page
setOMLConfig Man page
tagOMLObject Man page
untagOMLObject Man page
uploadOMLDataSet Man page
uploadOMLFlow Man page
uploadOMLRun Man page


inst/examples/listOMLFlows.R inst/examples/listOMLDataSetQualities.R inst/examples/getCachedOMLDataSetStatus.R inst/examples/listOMLEstimationProcedures.R inst/examples/getOMLConfig.R inst/examples/listOMLDataSets.R inst/examples/convertOMLDataSetToMlr.R inst/examples/listOMLTasks.R inst/examples/listOMLRuns.R inst/examples/loadOMLConfig.R inst/examples/getOMLDataSet.R inst/examples/listOMLEvaluationMeasures.R inst/examples/getOMLFlow.R inst/examples/runTaskMlr.R inst/examples/getOMLDataSetQualities.R inst/examples/makeOMLDataSet.R inst/examples/listOMLRunEvaluations.R inst/examples/listOMLTaskTypes.R inst/examples/clearOMLCache.R inst/examples/getOMLRun.R inst/examples/getOMLTask.R inst/examples/convertOMLTaskToMlr.R
R/writeOMLDataSetXML.R R/convertOMLSplitsToMlr.R R/listOMLFlows.R R/listOMLDataSetQualities.R R/convertOMLFlowToMlr.R R/getCachedOMLDataSetStatus.R R/helpers.R R/OMLEstimationProcedure_Class.R R/listOMLEstimationProcedures.R R/reformatPredictions.R R/OMLRunParList_Class.R R/getOMLConfig.R R/uploadOMLDataSet.R R/listOMLDataSets.R R/convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet.R R/uploadOMLRun.R R/convertOMLDataSetToMlr.R R/OMLFlow_Class.R R/listOMLTasks.R R/listOMLRuns.R R/loadOMLConfig.R R/convertOMLMlrRunToBMR.R R/getOMLDataSet.R R/helper_misc.R R/listOMLEvaluationMeasures.R R/runTaskFlow.R R/writeOMLFlowXML.R R/xml_helpers.R R/getOMLFlow.R R/convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow.R R/runTaskMlr.R R/cache.R R/convertOMLRunToBMR.R R/getOMLDataSetQualities.R R/setOMLConfig.R R/tagOMLObject.R R/download.R R/convertOMLMeasuresToMlr.R R/config.R R/config_helpers.R R/writeOMLRunXML.R R/listOMLRunEvaluations.R R/saveOMLConfig.R R/OMLDataSetDescription_Class.R R/populateOMLCache.R R/OMLSeedParList_Class.R R/listOMLTaskTypes.R R/OMLRunParameter_Class.R R/deleteOMLObject.R R/uploadOMLFlow.R R/downloadOMLObject.R R/OMLIOData_Class.R R/OMLTask_Class.R R/getOMLRun.R R/OMLRun_Class.R R/getOMLTask.R R/zzz.R R/convertOMLTaskToMlr.R R/OMLDataSet_Class.R
man/OMLDataSetDescription.Rd man/makeOMLFlowParameter.Rd man/listOMLRuns.Rd man/getOMLRun.Rd man/makeOMLRunParList.Rd man/clearOMLCache.Rd man/makeOMLEstimationProcedure.Rd man/getCachedOMLDataSetStatus.Rd man/listOMLTasks.Rd man/configuration.Rd man/saveOMLConfig.Rd man/uploadOMLRun.Rd man/listOMLTaskTypes.Rd man/deleteOMLObject.Rd man/getOMLConfig.Rd man/downloadOMLObject.Rd man/listOMLEstimationProcedures.Rd man/runTaskFlow.Rd man/uploadOMLFlow.Rd man/listOMLRunEvaluations.Rd man/runTaskMlr.Rd man/getOMLDataSet.Rd man/doAPICall.Rd man/makeOMLRunParameter.Rd man/listOMLDataSetQualities.Rd man/makeOMLSeedParList.Rd man/getOMLDataSetQualities.Rd man/listOMLEvaluationMeasures.Rd man/makeOMLTask.Rd man/convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow.Rd man/convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet.Rd man/getOMLRunParList.Rd man/getOMLTask.Rd man/getOMLSeedParList.Rd man/OMLIOData.Rd man/convertOMLRunToBMR.Rd man/makeOMLFlow.Rd man/uploadOMLDataSet.Rd man/listOMLDataSets.Rd man/loadOMLConfig.Rd man/convertOMLTaskToMlr.Rd man/populateOMLCache.Rd man/convertOMLFlowToMlr.Rd man/convertOMLDataSetToMlr.Rd man/setOMLConfig.Rd man/tagging.Rd man/makeOMLRun.Rd man/getOMLFlow.Rd man/listOMLFlows.Rd man/OMLDataSet.Rd man/convertOMLMlrRunToBMR.Rd

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