Man pages for OpenStreetMap
Access to Open Street Map Raster Images

autoplot.OpenStreetMapPlot an open street map using ggplot2
autoplot.osmtilePlots an open street map tile using ggplot2
getMapInfoReturns a table with relevant source and attribution info for...
LA_placesPlaces of interest in Los Angeles
launchMapHelperLaunches a Java helper GUI.
longlatLatitude Longitude projection
openmapGet a map based on lat long coordinates
openprojProjects the open street map to an alternate coordinate...
osmOpen street map (and google) mercator projection
osmtileGet an open street map tile.
plot.OpenStreetMapPlot an OpenStreetMap object.
plot.osmtileAdd tile to plot
print.OpenStreetMapPrint map
projectMercatorMaps long lat values to the open street map mercator...
raster-OpenStreetMap-methodCreate a RasterLayer from an OpenStreetMap
raster-osmtile-methodCreate a RasterLayer from a tile
statesThe United States
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