Man pages for OptimClassifier
Create the Best Train for Classification Models

AustralianCreditA Credit Approval Dataset
MCConfusion Matrix
MicrosoftDaily Information Data of Microsoft
Optim.CARTTune CART for the optimal complexity parameter
Optim.DADiscover the best Discriminant Analysis for your data
Optim.GLMFind out what is the error distribution and link function...
Optim.LMFind out what is the transformation of the response variable...
Optim.LMMDiscover what is the best random variable for your data set
Optim.NNDiscover the best Neural Network for your data
Optim.objectOptimized Classifier Object
Optim.SVMDiscover the best SVM for your data
print.OptimPrint an Optim Object
RMSERoot Mean Square Error
samplerSplitting your dataset in training and testing
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