Man pages for Orcs
Omnidirectional R Code Snippets

assignSSHAssign SSH Key to Local Git Repository
buildBookBuild a Book without Underscores
bumpVersionBump package 'Version:' and 'Date:' in DESCRIPTION file
compareDistributionsCompare two density distributions side by side
coords2LinesConvert points to SpatialLines*
coords2PolygonsConvert points to SpatialPolygons*
evalMetricsCompute Selected Evaluation Metrics
ext2spyConvert Spatial Extent to Polygon
ifMissingTake measures in case of nonexisting target files
KiLiBing Aerial Image of Kilimanjaro
latticeCombineGridCombine multiple lattice plots in a facetted grid (panels)
latticeCombineLayerCombine multiple lattice plots layerwise
lineEndingConvert between DOS and UNIX line endings
list2dfCreate 'data.frame' from 'list'
loadFromGitInstall and load a package from GitHub
loadPkgsLoad multiple packages
meanDifferenceCalculate mean difference between two datasets
merge-methodsMerge Objects Stored in a List
multiKnitConvert multiple R Markdown files to ordinary Markdown
offsetGridTextInsert offset text annotation into 'trellis' plot
OrcsCppFunDimensions of a 'data.frame'
Orcs-packageOmnidirectional R Code Snippets.
par7zipParallelized 7-zip compression
pureBasenameReturn file name without extension
pvalueGet _p_-value from 'lm' object
rgb2spLayoutConvert an RGB RasterBrick/Stack to use with spplot
rmDuplColsRemove duplicated columns from 'data.frame'
setwdOSSet working directory dependent on current OS
stextGrobDraw Shadow Text
substrCSubstrings of a Character Vector (C++ Style)
trimImagesRemove whitespace from images
unlistStrsplitUnlist the outcome of 'strsplit'
unsortedFactorFactor with unsorted levels
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