Man pages for PBImisc
A Set of Datasets Used in My Classes or in the Book 'Modele Liniowe i Mieszane w R, Wraz z Przykladami w Analizie Danych'

AMLAcute myeloid leukemia AML study
apartmentsApartment prices in Warsaw in years 2007-2009
boxplotppboxplot plus plus
cornA datasets relatead to gene expression in corn
dementiaA set of datasets relatead to dementia
DrosophilaDrosophila datasets and QTL mapping study
ecapEpidemiology of Allergic Disease in Poland
edenEuropean day hospital evaluation
elastaseRelation between graft function and elastase
endometriosisEndometriosis study
eunomiaEuropean Evaluation of Coercion in Psychiatry and...
fluNumbers of flu occurences in the 10 years period in the...
genomes724 bacterial genomes data
heightsHusband and Wife heights
histpphist plus plus
kidneyGraft function after kidney transplantation
milkMilk yield data
milkgeneMutation in BTN3A1 gene and milk yield
musculusA dataset relatead to mice musculus growth which depends on...
PBImisc-packageSet of supplementary datasets and functions function for visual representation of pairwise testing...
recalculateLogLikLog-likelihood displacements for single observation and...
schizophreniaGenetic backgroud of schizophrenia
score.cardiovascularSCORE for Cardiovascular Risk
vaccinationEffective dose study
YXZArtificial dataset which shows the differences between tests...
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