Man pages for PKPDmisc
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Management Functions

as_numericconvert to numeric passing through character for safety
auc_infCalculate AUCt-inf
auc_partialCalculate partial AUC
auc_partial_cppcalculate partial AUC
basename_sans_extget the basename of a filepath, minus any extensions
base_themeA theme with better default values for pharmacometric plots,...
bring_to_frontbring select columns to the front of a dataframe
calculate_waminternal WAM function
capitalize_namescapitalize all names for a dataframe
capture_groupswrapper to capture groups from a grouped data frame
char_to_numericconvert all columns to numeric
chunksplit IDs into groups to use for subsequent plotting
chunk_dfchunk dataframes so easy to split for parallel processing
color_palletedesign-quality color palletes to use in ggplot2
cols_to_factorconvert column to type factor
cols_to_numericconvert column to type numeric
cor_to_covcorrelation to covariance matrix
cov_to_corcovariance to correlation
dapa_IV_oralIV and oral pharmacokinetic data for daptomycin
file_rowscount number of rows in a file without needing to read file...
fill_backwardgiven NA values fill them with the next non-na value
fill_forwardgiven NA values fill them with the final non-na value
has_extcheck for if the passed name has a file extension
is_dirdetect if a filepath is for a directory
jprintprint multiple values joined together
lowercase_nameslowercase all names for a dataframe
max_throughgive the max value up to that point
min_throughgive the min value up to that point
ncacalculate basic NCA parameters t1/2 Cl, Cmax etc
new_reporta better new rmd template for reports
nm_descriptionshow description output from .mod file
nm_notesshow notes output from .mod file
nonmem_reportcreate basic folder structure for a nonmem report
ordinal_to_binaryconvert a column of categorical covariates into a number of...
pad_leftadd left padding to a vector of values
peekpeek at the results in a dplyr pipeline
phx_reportcreate basic folder structure for a phoenix report
pipePipe operator
print_plotscreate a list of plots cleanly with extra pdf functionality
read_nonmemread nonmem files easily
read_phxto more easily read data with a 2nd row with units common to...
rename_table_patternsimple table name replacement for a given pattern
replace_dotsConvert '.' values into missing values.
replace_emptyConvert empty strings into missing values.
replace_from_templatereplace values from a template file
replace_list_elementsreplace list elements by name
replace_valuesreplace symbols or other character flags
rf51_factoryfactory to create read fort51 file
round_columnsround columns
sd_oral_richpkOne-compartment pharmacokinetic data given single oral dose
set_binsgiven a set of bin ranges, assign each value to a bin
set_bins_cppgiven a set of bin ranges, assign each value to a bin
set_bins_dfgiven a set of bin ranges, assign each value to a bin and...
set_groupsset groups
s_paucsummarize paucs
s_quantilessummarize quantiles for a column
strip_attributesstrip additional attributes that make dplyr fail
strip_curvesbasic curve stripping to get initial estimates
unique_non_numericsfind all unique non-numeric values
view_creatorcreate view commands that save rds files to where a shiny app...
wamwam function
write_nonmemeasily write a csv file compatible with nonmem
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