Man pages for PP3
Three-Dimensional Exploratory Projection Pursuit

beetleThe Beetle Data
getPP3indexExtract projection index values from a PP3 object.
getPP3loadingsExtract projection loadings from a PP3 object.
getPP3projdataExtract projected data from a PP3 object.
ix3sizeplotPlot a histogram of projection index values
pdataplotPlots the projected data for a particular random start.
plot.PP3Two types of plot for a PP3 object.
PP3initInitialize projection pursuit code
PP3ix3dvsFromTUCompute the projection index or its derivatives from the T...
PP3manyMain function to carry out three-dimensional projection...
PP3-packageThree-Dimensional Exploratory Projection Pursuit
PP3slowDF3Compute the projection index or its derivative.
print.PP3Print information about a PP3 object.
summary.PP3Print summary information about a PP3 object.
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