Man pages for PPCI
Projection Pursuit for Cluster Identification

add_subtreeAdd Nodes To a Plot of a Hierarchical Clustering Model
breastcancerDiscrimination of Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Breast Masses
cluster_performanceExternal Cluster Validity Metrics
dermatologyEryhemato-Squamous Disease Identification
df_mcGradient of the Variance Ratio Clusterability Across a...
df_mdGradient of the Integrated Density on a Hyperplane
df_ncutGradient of the Normalised Cut Across a Hyperplane
dkdeGradient of the Penalised Density at a Point
f_mcVariance Ratio Clusterability Across a Hyperplane
f_mdIntegrated Density on a Hyperplane
f_ncutNormalised Cut Across a Hyperplane
hp_plotVisualise a Hyperplane Separator for Clustering
is_minimCheck if the Current Solution is a Valid Minimum Density...
mc_bLocation of Optimal Variance Ratio Hyperplane
mcdcDivisive Clustering Using Maximum Clusterability
mcdrMaximum Clusterability Dimension Reduction
mchMaximum Clusteriability Hyperplane
mcppMaximum Clusterability Projection Pursuit
md_bLocation of Minimum Density Hyperplane
mddcDivisive Clustering Using Minimum Density Hyperplanes
mddrMinimum Density Dimension Reduction
mdhMinimum Density Hyperplane
mdppMinimum Density Projection Pursuit
md_reldepthRelative Depth of a Hyperplane
ncut_bLocation of Minimum Normalised Cut Hyperplane
ncutdcDivisive Clustering Using Minimum Normalised Cut Hyperplanes
ncutdrMinimum Normalised Cut Dimension Reduction
ncuthMinimum Normalised Cut Hyperplane
ncutppMinimum Normalised Cut Projection Pursuit
node_plotVisualise a Node in a Hierarchical Clustering Model
norm_vecEuclidean Norm of a Vector
optidigitsOptical Recognition of Handwritten Digits
optidigits_mean_imagesVisualise Cluster Means from optidigits data set
pendigitsPen-based Recognition of Handwritten Digits
plot.ppci_cluster_solutionVisualise a Hierarchical Clustering Model, or a Node Within a...
plot.ppci_hyperplane_solutionVisualise a Hyperplane Separator for Clustering
plot.ppci_projection_solutionVisualise a Data Set Projected from Projection Pursuit
PPCI-packageProjection Pursuit for Cluster Identification
ppclust.optimOptimisation Call for Projection Pursuit Algorithms
subtree_widthDetermine the Largest Number of Nodes at Any Depth in a...
success_ratioEvaluate External Valifity os a Binary Partition
tree_plotVisualise a Hierarchical Clustering Model
tree_prunePrune a Hierarchical Clustering Model
tree_splitSplit a Leaf in a Hierarchical Clustering Model
yaleFace Recognition
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