Man pages for PROSPER
Simulation of Weed Population Dynamics

gen_diploidDiploid genetics: recombination of alleles
gen_freqgenerating the start values for PROSPER models
intern_herbicideSurviving the Herbicide
intern_SimDataExtraction Simulation Data
intern_SimData-setreplacement of Simulation Data
plotSimple plot for prosper simulation results
pop_reprodSeed production and crop yield
pop_stepSurviving a non-selective process
prosperCreation of a PROSPER object
prosper-classClass for PROSPER results
prosper-modelsPopulation dynamic models - Examples
quantiStep by step: the model develops driven by field data
sel_herbSurviving the herbicide
sel_resistCalculating resistance values
struc_addSimDataWrapper for 'intern_SimData<-' generic
struc_endSimCheck for some stop conditions.
struc_nextCyclePreparing the data for the next simulation run
struc_preparationGenerating data input and output structures
struc_saveSimDataSaving simulation data
summarySummary for prosper objects
weed-parametersParameterisations for population dynamic models - Examples
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