Man pages for PReMiuM
Dirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering, Profile Regression

calcAvgRiskAndProfileCalculation of the average risks and profiles
calcDissimilarityMatrixCalculates the dissimilarity matrix
calcOptimalClusteringCalculation of the optimal clustering
calcPredictionsCalculates the predictions
clusSummaryBernoulliDiscreteSample datasets for profile regression
generateSampleDataFileGenerate sample data files for profile regression
globalParsTracePlot of the trace of some of the global parameters
heatDissMatPlot the heatmap of the dissimilarity matrix
is.wholenumberFunction to check if a number is a whole number
mapforGeneratedDataMap generated data
margModelPosteriorMarginal Model Posterior
plotPredictionsPlot the conditional density using the predicted scenarios
plotRiskProfilePlot the Risk Profiles
PReMiuM-packageDirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering
profRegrProfile Regression
setHyperparamsDefinition of characteristics of sample datasets for profile...
simBenchmarkBenchmark for simulated examples
vec2matVector to upper triangular matrix
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