Man pages for PTAk
Principal Tensor Analysis on k Modes

APSOLU3Associated 3-modes Principal Tensors of a 3-modes Principal...
APSOLUkAssociated k-modes Principal Tensors of a k-modes Principal...
CANDPARACANonical DECOMPosition analysis and PARAllel FACtor analysis
CauRuimetRobust estimation of within group varinace-covariance
CONTRACTIONContraction of two tensors
COS2CTR.PTAkInterpretation summaries
datasetsdata used for demo in SVDgen, PTA3
FCA2Correspondence Analysis for 2-way tables
FCAkGeneralisation of Correspondence Analysis for k-way tables
FCAmetTool used in Generalisation of Correspondence Analysis for...
howtoPTAkhowto for Principal Tensors Analysis of a k-modes Tensor
INITIAInitialisation used in SINGVA
PCAnPrincipal Component Analysis on n modes
plot.PTAkPlot a PTAk object
preprocessingsFew useful functions for preprocessing arrays
PROJOTOrthogonal Tensor projection
PTA3Principal Tensor Analysis on 3 modes
PTAkPrincipal Tensor Analysis on k modes
PTAk-internalInternal PTAk functions
REBUILDBuild an approximation of the tensor of any order
SINGVAOptimisation algorithm RPVSCC
summary.PTAkSummary of a PTA-k modes analysis
SVDgenSVD with metrics and smoothing approximation
TENSELEElementary Tensor product
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