Man pages for PamBinaries
Read and Process 'Pamguard' Binary Data

contourToFreqAdd Frequency and Time to Pamguard Whistle Binaries
convertPgDateConvert Pamguard Numeric Date to POSIXct
countChannelsCount Number of Active Channels
dateNumToMillisConvert Date Number to Milliseconds
loadBackgroundNoiseLoad and Format Background Noise Data
loadPamguardBinaryFileLoad Pamguard Binary File
millisToDateNumConvert Java Millisecond Time to R
pamBinReadRead Pamguard Binary Data
pbToDfConvert a PamBinary Object to Data Frame
plotWMDPlot Whistle Contour
readAISDataRead AIS Data
readBeamFormerAnnotationRead Beam Former Annotation
readBearingAnnotationRead Bearing Annotation
readClickBackgroundRead Click Detector Background data
readClickClsfrAnnotationRead Click Classifier Annotation
readClickDataRead Click Data
readClickFooterRead Click Footer
readClickTriggerDataRead Click Trigger Level
readClickTriggerHeaderRead Click Trigger Header
readClipDataRead Clip Data
readDbHtDataRead DbHt Data
readDifarDataRead Difar Data
readDLAnnotationRead Deep Learning Annotation
readDLDetDataRead Deep Learning Detection Data
readFileFooterInfoRead File Footer
readFileHeaderRead File Header
readGPLDetectionsRead GPL Detections
readJavaUTFStringRead Java UTF-8 String
readLTSADataRead LTSA Data
readLTSAHeaderRead LTSA Header
readMatchClsfrAnnotationRead Matched Classifier Annotation
readNoiseBandDataRead Noise Band Data
readNoiseMonDataRead Noise Monitor Data
readNoiseMonHeaderRead Noise Monitor Header
readPamDataRead Pamguard Data
readRWEDetectorDataRead Right Whale Edge Detector Data
readSpectralBackgroundRead Spectral Background data
readStdModuleFooterRead Standard Module Footer
readStdModuleHeaderRead Standard Module Header
readTDBLAnnotationRead TDBL Annotation
readTMAnnotationRead Target Motion Annotation
readTritechTrackRead a Tritech Track
readWMDDataRead Whistle and Moan Data
readWMDHeaderRead Whistle & Moan Detector Header
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