Man pages for PeakSegDisk
Disk-Based Constrained Change-Point Detection

ChIPreadsReads aligned to hg19 from two ChIP-seq experiments
coef.PeakSegFPOP_dfcoef PeakSegFPOP df
coef.PeakSegFPOP_dircoef PeakSegFPOP dir name list
fread.firstQuickly read first line
fread.lastQuickly read last line
Mono27acA small ChIP-seq data set in which peaks can be found using...
PeakSegFPOP_dfPeakSeg penalized solver for data.frame
PeakSegFPOP_dirPeakSeg penalized solver with caching
PeakSegFPOP_filePeakSegFPOP using disk storage
PeakSegFPOP_vecPeakSeg penalized solver for integer vector
plot.PeakSegFPOP_dfplot PeakSegFPOP df
plot.PeakSegFPOP_dirplot PeakSegFPOP dir
sequentialSearch_dirCompute PeakSeg model with given number of peaks
writeBedGraphWrite bedGraph file
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