Man pages for PerFit
Person Fit

ADE.KBAgreement, disagreement, and dependability statistics
C.indexC.Sato, Cstar person-fit statistics
cutoffCompute a cutoff value given the scores of a person-fit...
flagged.respFind (potentially) aberrant response patterns
GNumber of Guttman errors
GpolyNumber of Guttman errors for polytomous items
HtHt person-fit statistic
InadequacyDataThe NPV-J inadequacy scale data
IntelligenceDataIntelligence data (number completion)
lzlz and lzstar person-fit statistics
lzpolylzpoly person-fit statistic
NCINCI person-fit statistic
PerFit-packagePerson Fit
PerFitPFSCompute several person-fit statistics
PerFitSECompute standard errors for person fit statistics
PhysFuncDataThe SF-36 physical functioning data
plot.PerFitPlot method for objects of class "PerFit"
PRFplotPerson response function (PRF)
print.PerFitPrint method for objects of class "PerFit"
r.pbisPersonal biserial statistic
summary.PerFitSummary method for objects of class "PerFit"
U3U3, ZU3 person-fit statistics
U3polyU3poly person-fit statistic
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