Man pages for PerseusR
Perseus R Interop

annotColsGet annotation columns
annotCols-setSet annotation columns
annotRowsGet annotation rows
annotRows-setSet annotation rows
as.ExpressionSet.matrixDataCoerces a MatrixData into an ExpressionSet
as.matrixData.ExpressionSetCoerces an ExpressionSet into a MatrixData
boolParamValueBool parameter value
create_annotRowsCreate annotation rows
descriptionGet column description
description-setSet column description
imputeDataGet imputation of main data frame
imputeData-setSet imputation of main data frame
infer_perseus_annotation_typesInfer Perseus type annotation row from DataFrame column...
initialize-matrixData-methodmatrixData initializer
intParamValueInt parameter value
mainGet main columns
main-setSet main columns
matrixDatamatrixData constructor
MatrixDataCheckMatrixDataCheck: a function to check the validity of an...
matrixData-methodsGet names
names.matrixDataColumn names of main and annotation columns
parseParametersParse parameters
qualityDataGet quality values of main data frame
qualityData-setSet quality values of main data frame
read.perseusRead Perseus matrix files
singleChoiceParamIndSingle choice index
singleChoiceParamValueSingle choice value
write.perseuswrite.perseus: function to generate a perseus-readable text...
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