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Persian Stemmer for Text Analysis

FixBrokenPluralsStems Arabic broken plurals
FixVerbsStemms verbs
PersianStemmer-packageA package for stemming Persian for text analysis.
PerStemPersian Stemmer for Text Analysis
RefineCharsRemoves all characters that are not Latin, Persian or...
RemNewlineHalfspaceRemoves new line characters and fixes half-spaces
RemoveEnglishRemove English characters
RemoveNumbersRemove numerals.
RemovePreSuffixRemove Persian prefixes and suffixes.
RemoveStopwordsRemove Persian stop-words.
ReverseTransliterateTransliterate Latin characters into Persian unicode...
RFPunctuationRemove or fix punctuation.
TransliterateTransliterate Persian unicode characters into Latin...
UniversityofTehranPersian texts
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