Man pages for PhenotypeSimulator
Flexible Phenotype Simulation from Different Genetic and Noise Models

addNonNullsAdd all non-NULL elements of list.
commaList2vectorComma-separated string to numeric vector.
correlatedBgEffectsSimulate correlated background effects.
expGen2probGenRewrite expected genotypes into genotype probabilities.
geneticBgEffectsSimulate infinitesimal genetic effects (reflecting sample...
geneticFixedEffectsSimulate genetic variant effects.
getAlleleFrequenciesCompute allele frequencies from genotype data.
getCausalSNPsDraw random SNPs from genotypes.
getKinshipGet genetic kinship.
noiseBgEffectsSimulate observational noise effects.
noiseFixedEffectsSimulate noise fixed effects.
PhenotypeSimulatorPhenotypeSimulator: A package for simulating phenotypes from...
probGen2expGenCompute expected genotypes from genotype probabilities.
read_linesScan file for specific line numbers.
readStandardGenotypesRead genotypes from file.
rescaleVarianceScale phenotype component.
runSimulationRun phenotype simulation.
savePhenoSave final phenotype and phenotype components.
setModelSet simulation model.
simulateDistData simulation for different distributions.
simulateGenotypesSimulate bi-allelic genotypes.
simulatePhenotypesCommand line execution for PhenotypeSimulator.
standardiseGenotypesStandardise genotypes.
testNumericsTest lists for different properties of numerics.
transformNonlinearPhenotype transformation.
vmessagePrint userinfo.
writeStandardOutputWrite simulated data into formats used by standard GWAS...
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