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Plane Geometry

AffineR6 class representing an affine map.
AffineMappingEllipse2EllipseAffine transformation mapping a given ellipse to a given...
AffineMappingThreePointsAffine transformation mapping three given points to three...
ArcR6 class representing a circular arc
CircleR6 class representing a circle
CircleABCircle given by a diameter
CircleOACircle given by its center and a point
drawDraw a geometric object
ellint2Extended elliptic integral of the second kind
EllipseR6 class representing an ellipse
EllipseEquationFromFivePointsEllipse equation from five points
EllipseFromCenterAndMatrixEllipse from center and matrix
EllipseFromEquationEllipse from its implicit equation
EllipseFromFivePointsEllipse from five points
EllipticalArcR6 class representing an elliptical arc
GaussianEllipseGaussian ellipse
HomothetyR6 class representing a homothety
intersectionCircleCircleIntersection of two circles
intersectionCircleLineIntersection of a circle and a line
intersectionEllipseLineIntersection of an ellipse and a line
intersectionLineLineIntersection of two lines
InversionR6 class representing an inversion
inversionFixingThreeCirclesInversion fixing three circles
inversionFixingTwoCirclesInversion fixing two circles
inversionFromCircleInversion on a circle
inversionKeepingCircleInversion keeping a circle unchanged
inversionSwappingTwoCirclesInversion swapping two circles
LineR6 class representing a line
LownerJohnEllipseLöwner-John ellipse (ellipse hull)
MobiusR6 class representing a Möbius transformation.
MobiusMappingThreePointsMöbius transformation mapping three given points to three...
ProjectionR6 class representing a projection
radicalCenterRadical center
ReflectionR6 class representing a reflection
RotationR6 class representing a rotation
ScalingR6 class representing a (non-uniform) scaling
ScalingXYR6 class representing an axis-scaling
ShearR6 class representing a shear transformation
SteinerChainSteiner chain
TranslationR6 class representing a translation
TriangleR6 class representing a triangle
TriangleThreeLinesTriangle defined by three lines
unitCircleUnit circle
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