PopVar: Genomic Breeding Tools: Genetic Variance Prediction and Cross-Validation

The main attribute of 'PopVar' is the prediction of genetic variance in bi-parental populations, from which the package derives its name. 'PopVar' contains a set of functions that use phenotypic and genotypic data from a set of candidate parents to 1) predict the mean, genetic variance, and superior progeny value of all, or a defined set of pairwise bi-parental crosses, and 2) perform cross-validation to estimate genome-wide prediction accuracy of multiple statistical models. More details are available in Mohammadi, Tiede, and Smith (2015). Crop Sci. doi:10.2135/cropsci2015.01.0030. A dataset 'think_barley.rda' is included for reference and examples.

AuthorTyler Tiede [aut, cre], Mohsen Mohammadi [ctb], Kevin P. Smith [ctb]
Date of publication2015-07-08 14:46:25
MaintainerTyler Tiede <tyler.tiede7@gmail.com>

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