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channelize is a generic function used to propagate the class of derived objects through a processing pipeline.


## S4 method for signature 'ANY'
channelize(object, ...)



an object for which pipeline propagation is desired


additional arguments affecting the elapsed time produced


Having abstracted away the notion of extracting a particular measurement from a CompleteChannel object and producing a simple Channel, we need a way to allow object-oriented programming and derived classes to work with our Processor and Pipeline routines. The underlying idea is that specific kinds of microarrays or specific software to quantify microarrays might have special properties that should be exploited in processing. For example, the first few generations of microarrays printed at M.D. Anderson spotted every cDNA clone in duplicate. The analysis of such arrays should exploit this additional structure. In order to do so, we must derive classes from CompleteChannel and Channel and ensure that the classes of extracted objects are propagated correctly through the processing pipeline. The channelize method achieves this goal.


Returns a string, which represents the name of a class (suitable for passing to the new constructor) extracted from an object belonging to a class derived from CompleteChannel.


The sections above document the method's usage by OOMPA's pipeline, not the actual intent of the generic itself.


Kevin R. Coombes krc@silicovore.com, P. Roebuck proebuck@mdanderson.org

See Also

Channel, CompleteChannel, Pipeline, Processor

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