Man pages for ProFit
Fit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images

ExampleInitInitial 2D Sersic Model Image Parameters
profitAddMatsAdd together image matrices
profitBenchmarkConvBenchmark convolution of an image with a point spread...
profitBruteConvLow level brute force image convolution
profitCheckFinesampleCheck for Fine Sampling
profitConvolvePSFHigh level image convolution
profitCubaBrokenExpBroken-Exponential Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaCoreSersicCore-Sersic Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaFerrerFerrer Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaKingKing Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaMoffatMoffat Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaSersicSersic Profile Specific Functions
profitDownsampleDown/Up-Samples an Image
profitEllipseMeasure Isophotal Flux for Pseudo-Ellipses
profitEllipsePlotPlot Isophotal Surface Brightness for Pseudo-Ellipses
profitInterp2d2D image interpolation
profitLikeModelCalculate the log likelihood of a model given the input data
profitMag2MuMagnitude to Surface Brightness Conversions
profitMakeGaussianPSFMake a 2D Gaussian PSF (point source profile or point spread...
profitMakeModelHigh-Level 2D Galaxy and Point Source Image Creation
profitMakePlotsPlot Image, Model and Residuals
profitMakePointSourceCreate an image of a point source (PS) with an analytical or...
ProFit-packageFit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images
profitParseLikefuncCheck various allowed names for likelihoods
profitRemakeModellistReconstruct an Image Model
profitSetupDataSetup ProFit Data
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