Man pages for ProFit
Fit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images

ExampleInitInitial 2D Sersic Model Image Parameters
profitAddMatsAdd together image matrices
profitAvailableConvolversReturns supported convolver types
profitAvailableIntegratorsReturns supported profile integration methods
profitBenchmarkBenchmark profile integration and image convolution using...
profitBenchmarkConvBenchmark convolution of an image with a point spread...
profitBenchmarkResultBestReturn best integration/convolution method from a...
profitBenchmarkResultStripPointersReturn a copy of a data.frame with pointers converted to...
profitBruteConvLow level brute force image convolution
profitCheckIsPositiveIntegerCheck if a value is a positive integer
profitClearCacheClears the internal cache used by libprofit/ProFit
profitConvolvePerforms a convolution using the give convolver object
profitConvolvePSFHigh level image convolution
profitCubaBrokenExpBroken-Exponential Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaCoreSersicCore-Sersic Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaFerrerFerrer Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaKingKing Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaMoffatMoffat Profile Specific Functions
profitCubaSersicSersic Profile Specific Functions
profitDataBenchmarkSetup ProFit Data Benchmarks
profitDataSetOptionsFromBenchmarkSetup ProFit Data Options from Benchmarks
profitDeprojectImageEllipseDeproject an image along an ellipse's minor axis
profitDownsampleDown/Up-Samples an Image
profitEllipseMeasure Isophotal Flux for Pseudo-Ellipses
profitEllipsePlotPlot Isophotal Surface Brightness for Pseudo-Ellipses
profitFlux2MagConvert between fluxes and magnitudes.
profitGetOpenCLEnvsGet available OpenCL environments
profitHasOpenCLCheck for presence of OpenMP, OpenCL and FFTW
profitInterp2d2D image interpolation
profitLikeModelCalculate the log likelihood of a model given the input data
profitMag2MuMagnitude to Surface Brightness Conversions
profitMakeConvolverCreates a Convolver object.
profitMakeGaussianPSFMake a 2D Gaussian PSF (point source profile or point spread...
profitMakeModelHigh-Level 2D Galaxy and Point Source Image Creation
profitMakePlotsPlot Image, Model and Residuals
profitMakePointSourceCreate an image of a point source (PS) with an analytical or...
profitMakePriorsMake a Priors Function
profitOpenCLEnvCreate OpenCL Pointer Object
profitOpenCLEnvInfoDiscover System Available OpenCL GPUs
ProFit-packageFit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images
profitParseLikefuncCheck various allowed names for likelihoods
profitPoissonMonteCarloMonte Carlo sample an image assuming Poisson-distributed...
profitRemakeModelListReconstruct an Image Model
profitSetupDataSetup ProFit Data
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