Man pages for ProcData
Process Data Analysis

action_seqs_summarySummarize action sequences
aseq2feature_seq2seqFeature Extraction by action sequence autoencoder
atseq2feature_seq2seqFeature Extraction by action and time sequence autoencoder
calculate_dist_cppCalculate "oss_action" dissimilarity matrix through Rcpp
cc_dataData of item CP025Q01 (climate control item 1) in PISA 2012
chooseK_mdsChoose the number of multidimensional scaling features
chooseK_seq2seqChoose the number of autoencoder features
combine_actionsCombine consecutive actions into a single action
count_actionsCount action appearances
predict.seqmPredict method for sequence models
print.procPrint method for class '"proc"'
print.summary.procPrint method for class '"summary.proc"'
procClass '"proc"' constructor
ProcData-packageProcData: A package for process data analysis
read.seqsReading response processes from csv files
remove_actionRemove actions from response processes
remove_repeatRemove repeated actions
replace_actionReplace actions in response processes
seq2feature_mdsFeature extraction via multidimensional scaling
seq2feature_mds_largeFeature Extraction by MDS for Large Dataset
seq2feature_mds_stochasticFeature extraction by stochastic mds
seq2feature_ngramngram feature extraction
seq2feature_seq2seqFeature Extraction by autoencoder
seq_genAction sequence generator
seq_gen2Markov action sequence generator
seq_gen3RNN action sequence generator
seqmFitting sequence models
sub_seqsSubset response processes
summary.procSummary method for class '"proc"'
time_seqs_summarySummarize timestamp sequences
tseq2feature_seq2seqFeature Extraction by time sequence autoencoder
tseq2intervalTransform a timestamp sequence into a inter-arrival time...
write.seqsWrite process data to csv files
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