Man pages for ProcMod
Informative Procrustean Matrix Correlation a 'dist' object to a 'data.frame' object.
as_procmod_frameCoerce to a ProcMod Frame.
australiaDNA metabarcoding Australia South-North Gradient
bicenterDouble centering of a matrix.
corls_testMonte-Carlo Test on the sum of the singular values of a...
dim.procmod_frameDimensions of a ProcMod Frame.
internal.getPermuteMatrixGenerate permutation matrix according to a schema.
internal.procmod_coerce_valueInternal function coercing the data to a matrix.
internal.rep_matrixInternal function repeating a matrix.
internal.TraceCompute the trace of a square matrix.
is_euclidTest if the distance matrix is euclidean.
is_procmod_frameCheck if an object is a ProcMod Frame.
names.procmod_corlsThe Names of the elements of a Correlation Matrix
names.procmod_varlsThe Names of the elements of a Variance / Covariance Matrix.
nmdsProject a distance matrix in a euclidean space (NMDS).
orthoProject a dataset in a euclidean space.
pcaProject a set of points in a euclidean space (PCA).
pcoaProject a distance matrix in a euclidean space (PCOA).
print.procmod_corlsPrint a procrustean Correlation Matrix.
print.procmod_varlsPrint procrustean Variance / Covariance Matrix.
procmodInformative Procrustean Matrix Correlation
procmod_frameThe procmod_frame data structure.
protateRotate the 'src' matrix to fit into the space of the 'dest'...
simulate_correlationSimulate n points of dimension p correlated to a reference...
simulate_matrixSimulate n points of dimension p.
subset.procmod_frameSubsetting Procmod Frames
varlsProcrustean Correlation, and Variance / Covariance Matrices.
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