Man pages for PtProcess
Time Dependent Point Process Modelling

ChangesChanges Made to the Package
distributionGeneral Notes on Distribution Fitting
dparetoPareto and Tapered Pareto Distributions
etas_gifGround Intensity for ETAS Model
gifGeneral Notes on Ground Intensity Functions
linksrmLinked Stress Release Model Object
linksrm_convertParameter Conversion for Linked Stress Release Model
linksrm_gifGround Intensity for Linked Stress Release Model
logLikLog Likelihood of a Point Process Model
makeSOCKclusterParallel Processing: Transition Functions
marksMark Distributions
mppMarked Point Process Object
neglogLikNegative Log-Likelihood
NthChinaHistorical Earthquakes of North China
OgataOgata's ETAS Test Data
PhuketPhuket Earthquake and Aftershock Sequence
plotPlot Point Process Ground Intensity Function
PtProcessOverview of PtProcess Package
PtProcess-internalInternally Used Functions
residualsResiduals of a Point Process Model
simple_gifNon-Homogeneous Poisson Processes
simulateSimulate a Point Process
srm_gifConditional Intensity for Stress Release Model
summarySummary of a Point Process Model
TangshanTangshan Earthquake and Aftershock Sequence
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