QCSimulator: A 5-Qubit Quantum Computing Simulator

Simulates a 5 qubit Quantum Computer and evaluates quantum circuits with 1,2 qubit quantum gates.

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AuthorTinniam V Ganesh
Date of publication2016-07-02 07:47:20
MaintainerTinniam V Ganesh<tvganesh.85@gmail.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

CHadamard: controlled Hadamard Gate

CNOT2_01: 2 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-1)

CNOT2_10: 2 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-0)

CNOT3_01: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-1)

CNOT3_02: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-2)

CNOT3_10: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-0)

CNOT3_12: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-2)

CNOT3_20: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-0)

CNOT3_21: 3 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-1)

CNOT4_01: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-1)

CNOT4_02: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-2)

CNOT4_03: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-3)

CNOT4_10: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-0)

CNOT4_12: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-2)

CNOT4_13: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-3)

CNOT4_20: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-0)

CNOT4_21: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-1)

CNOT4_23: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-3)

CNOT4_30: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-0)

CNOT4_31: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-1)

CNOT4_32: 4 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-2)

CNOT5_01: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-1)

CNOT5_02: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-2)

CNOT5_03: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-3)

CNOT5_04: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-0,target-4)

CNOT5_10: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-0)

CNOT5_12: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-2)

CNOT5_13: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-3)

CNOT5_14: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-1,target-4)

CNOT5_20: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-0)

CNOT5_21: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-1)

CNOT5_23: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-3)

CNOT5_24: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-2,target-4)

CNOT5_30: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-0)

CNOT5_31: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-1)

CNOT5_32: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-2)

CNOT5_34: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-3,target-4)

CNOT5_40: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-4,target-0)

CNOT5_41: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-4,target-1)

CNOT5_42: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-4,target-2)

CNOT5_43: 5 qubit CNOT gate (control-4,target-3)

CPauliX: Controlled Pauli X gate

CPauliY: Controlled Pauli Y gate

CPauliZ: Controlled Pauli Z gate

CSWAP: Controlled SWAP gate

DotProduct: Dot product of 2 vectors

GateDagger: Gate dagger of a vector

Hadamard: Hadamard gate

init: Initialization

innerProduct: Inner product of 2 vectors and computes the angle between...

measurement: Computes the square of the modulus

PauliX: Controlled Pauli X gate

PauliY: Controlled Pauli Y gate

PauliZ: Controlled Pauli Z gate

plotMeasurement: This function plots the result of a measurement

RotationGate: This fucntion applies the rotation gate

S1Gate: Controlled S1Gate

SGate: Apply a SGate


T1Gate: Apply a T1Gate

TensorProd: Tensor product of 2 vectors

TGate: Apply a TGate

Toffoli: Apply a Toffoli gate

ToffoliState: Apply a Toffoli state


CHadamard Man page
CNOT2_01 Man page
CNOT2_10 Man page
CNOT3_01 Man page
CNOT3_02 Man page
CNOT3_10 Man page
CNOT3_12 Man page
CNOT3_20 Man page
CNOT3_21 Man page
CNOT4_01 Man page
CNOT4_02 Man page
CNOT4_03 Man page
CNOT4_10 Man page
CNOT4_12 Man page
CNOT4_13 Man page
CNOT4_20 Man page
CNOT4_21 Man page
CNOT4_23 Man page
CNOT4_30 Man page
CNOT4_31 Man page
CNOT4_32 Man page
CNOT5_01 Man page
CNOT5_02 Man page
CNOT5_03 Man page
CNOT5_04 Man page
CNOT5_10 Man page
CNOT5_12 Man page
CNOT5_13 Man page
CNOT5_14 Man page
CNOT5_20 Man page
CNOT5_21 Man page
CNOT5_23 Man page
CNOT5_24 Man page
CNOT5_30 Man page
CNOT5_31 Man page
CNOT5_32 Man page
CNOT5_34 Man page
CNOT5_40 Man page
CNOT5_41 Man page
CNOT5_42 Man page
CNOT5_43 Man page
CPauliX Man page
CPauliY Man page
CPauliZ Man page
CSWAP Man page
DotProduct Man page
GateDagger Man page
Hadamard Man page
init Man page
innerProduct Man page
measurement Man page
PauliX Man page
PauliY Man page
PauliZ Man page
plotMeasurement Man page
RotationGate Man page
S1Gate Man page
SGate Man page
SWAPQ0Q1 Man page
T1Gate Man page
TensorProd Man page
TGate Man page
Toffoli Man page
ToffoliState Man page


R/CNOT5_04.R R/PauliX.R R/CPauliX.R R/CNOT4_23.R R/CNOT4_01.R R/CHadamard.R R/CNOT5_34.R R/CNOT3_21.R R/CNOT4_13.R R/plotMeasurement.R R/CNOT5_31.R R/CNOT5_42.R R/CNOT5_41.R R/Hadamard.R R/S1Gate.R R/CNOT5_30.R R/CNOT5_23.R R/innerProduct.R R/SGate.R R/CNOT4_32.R R/Toffoli.R R/CNOT4_20.R R/CNOT5_10.R R/CNOT5_14.R R/CNOT5_12.R R/PauliY.R R/CNOT2_10.R R/CNOT5_21.R R/CNOT5_13.R R/CNOT3_10.R R/CNOT5_32.R R/CNOT4_21.R R/CNOT4_02.R R/CNOT3_01.R R/CNOT5_02.R R/CNOT3_12.R R/TensorProd.R R/CNOT4_03.R R/GateDagger.R R/init.R R/CNOT2_01.R R/DotProduct.R R/CNOT4_30.R R/CNOT5_03.R R/CSWAP.R R/CNOT4_10.R R/CNOT5_24.R R/CNOT5_01.R R/T1Gate.R R/PauliZ.R R/SWAPQ0Q1.R R/CNOT5_40.R R/CPauliY.R R/ToffoliState.R R/TGate.R R/CNOT3_02.R R/CPauliZ.R R/CNOT4_31.R R/CNOT3_20.R R/RotationGate.R R/CNOT4_12.R R/CNOT5_43.R R/CNOT5_20.R R/measurement.R
man/CNOT4_32.Rd man/CNOT5_43.Rd man/RotationGate.Rd man/CNOT4_10.Rd man/plotMeasurement.Rd man/CNOT2_01.Rd man/CNOT5_34.Rd man/innerProduct.Rd man/init.Rd man/CNOT4_12.Rd man/PauliY.Rd man/CHadamard.Rd man/CPauliZ.Rd man/CNOT4_30.Rd man/CNOT4_02.Rd man/CNOT5_31.Rd man/CNOT4_03.Rd man/CNOT3_21.Rd man/ToffoliState.Rd man/CNOT4_20.Rd man/GateDagger.Rd man/PauliX.Rd man/CNOT5_13.Rd man/CNOT5_04.Rd man/CNOT3_02.Rd man/CNOT5_23.Rd man/TensorProd.Rd man/CNOT4_31.Rd man/DotProduct.Rd man/TGate.Rd man/CNOT5_20.Rd man/CNOT3_20.Rd man/CPauliY.Rd man/CNOT4_13.Rd man/CNOT5_14.Rd man/CNOT5_12.Rd man/CNOT5_41.Rd man/CNOT5_01.Rd man/Hadamard.Rd man/CNOT5_24.Rd man/CNOT3_01.Rd man/measurement.Rd man/CPauliX.Rd man/CNOT4_21.Rd man/CNOT4_23.Rd man/CNOT5_30.Rd man/CNOT5_42.Rd man/SGate.Rd man/CNOT5_32.Rd man/CNOT3_12.Rd man/CNOT2_10.Rd man/S1Gate.Rd man/CNOT5_10.Rd man/CNOT5_21.Rd man/CNOT3_10.Rd man/T1Gate.Rd man/Toffoli.Rd man/CSWAP.Rd man/SWAPQ0Q1.Rd man/PauliZ.Rd man/CNOT5_40.Rd man/CNOT5_03.Rd man/CNOT5_02.Rd man/CNOT4_01.Rd

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