Man pages for QRFCCA
Quadratically Regularized Functional Canonical Correlation Analysis

ccaCanonical Correlation Analysis
CCA_chisq_testChi-square Test for Canonical Correlation Analysis
fourier.expansionFourier Expansion
fourier.expansion.smoothedSmoothed Fourier Expansion
fpca.scoreFunctional Principal Component Scores
lm.rmRemove the linear main effect
mrankMatrix rank
mrank_sqMatrix rank of symetrix matrix
myinvGenerailized inverse
p_ginvPower Inverse
p_ginv_sqPower generalized inverse of a symetric matrix
phe_dataExample Phenotype Data Set for Demonstration
qccaQuadratically Regularized Canonical Correlation Analysis
qcca_pQuadratically Regularized Canonical Correlation Analysis with...
qlrQuadratically Low Rank Matrix
QRFCCA-packageQuadratically Regularized Functional Canonical Correlation...
snp_dataExample SNP Data Set
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