gradeBus: Grade a Business.

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


gradeBus takes in the inspection score for one restaurant, the ZIP code for the restaurant, a data frame of ZIP code cutoff information and returns the grade for the business in question.


gradeBus(, z.i, zip.cutoffs)


Numeric inspection score (or mean score) for restaurant in question.


Character representing ZIP code (or other geographic area) of business in question.


A dataframe with the first column containing ZIP codes and later columns containing grade cutoff scores for each ZIP code. Cutoff scores for each ZIP code should be ordered from lowest score in column 2 (representing the cutoff for the best grade) to largest cutoff score in the final column (representing the cutoff inspection score for the second worst grade).


gradeBus takes one inspection score for a restaurant (this may be a mean or the result of a single inspection), the restaurant's ZIP code and a dataframe of ZIP code cutoffs. It compares each restaurant's inspection score to cutoff scores in the restaurant's ZIP code. It finds the smallest cutoff score in the restaurant's ZIP code that the restaurant's inspection score is less than or equal to - let's say this is the (letter.index)th cutoff score - and returns the (letter.index)th letter of the alphabet as the grade for the restaurant. gradeBus is the function called by gradeAllBus in order to grade all businesses.


A character representing the grade assigned to the restaurant in question ('A', 'B', 'C' etc).

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