setupCacheRootPath: Interactively offers the user to set up the default root path

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Interactively offers the user to set up the default root path.


## Default S3 method:
setupCacheRootPath(defaultPath="~/.Rcache/", ...)



Default root path to set.


Not used.


If the cache root path is already set, it is used and nothing is done. If the "default" root path (defaultPath) exists, it is used, otherwise, if running interactively, the user is asked to approve the usage (and creation) of the default root path. In all other cases, the cache root path is set to a session-specific temporary directory.


Returns (invisibly) the root path, or NULL if running a non-interactive session.


Henrik Bengtsson

See Also

Internally, setCacheRootPath() is used to set the cache root path. The interactive() function is used to test whether R is running interactively or not.

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