Man pages for R.devices
Unified Handling of Graphics Devices

architectureGet the architecture of an object or coerce it into another
as.character.DevEvalProductGets a character representation of the product
capabilitiesX11Check whether current R session supports X11 or not
capturePlotCaptures a plot such that it can be redrawn later/elsewhere
devDoneCloses zero or more open devices except screen (interactive)...
devEvalOpens a new graphics device, evaluate (graphing) code, and...
DevEvalFileProductThe DevEvalFileProduct class
DevEvalProductThe DevEvalProduct class
devGetLabelGets the labels of zero or more devices
devIsInteractiveChecks whether a device type is interactive or not
devIsOpenChecks if zero or more devices are open or not
devListLists the indices of the open devices named by their labels
devNewOpens a new device
devOffCloses zero or more devices
devOptionsGets the default device options
devSetActivates a device
devSetLabelSets the label of a device
epsEPS graphics device
faviconFavicon graphics device
getDataURI.DevEvalFileProductGets content as a Base64-encoded data URI
getFullname.DevEvalProductGets the full name, name and tags
getMimeType.DevEvalFileProductGets the MIME type
getPathname.DevEvalFileProductGets the (relative) pathname, filename and path
getType.DevEvalProductGets the type
jpeg2A JPEG device for Bitmap Files via GhostScript
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
nulldevA \"null\" graphics device voiding all output
png2A PNG device for Bitmap Files via GhostScript
print.RecordedPlotAutomatically replays a recorded plot
R.devices-packagePackage R.devices
toNNNMethods for creating image files of a specific format
withParEvaluate an R expression with graphical parameters set...
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