R.huge: Methods for Accessing Huge Amounts of Data [deprecated]

DEPRECATED. Do not start building new projects based on this package. Cross-platform alternatives are the following packages: bigmemory (CRAN), ff (CRAN), BufferedMatrix (Bioconductor). The main usage of it was inside the aroma.affymetrix package. (The package currently provides a class representing a matrix where the actual data is stored in a binary format on the local file system. This way the size limit of the data is set by the file system and not the memory.)

AuthorHenrik Bengtsson [aut, cre, cph]
Date of publication2015-02-22 20:52:32
MaintainerHenrik Bengtsson <henrikb@braju.com>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.1)

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Man pages

000-LB-.FileMatrix: Gets a subset of elements of a file matrix

000-LB-.FileVector: Gets a subset of elements of a file vector

000-LB-LT_-.FileMatrix: Assigns values to a subset of elements of a file matrix

000-LB-LT_-.FileVector: Assigns values to a subset of elements of a file vector

AbstractFileArray: Class representing a persistent array stored in a file

as.character.AbstractFileArray: Returns a short string describing the file array

as.character.FileMatrix: Returns a short string describing the file matrix

as.matrix.FileMatrix: Returns the elements of a file matrix as an R matrix

as.vector.AbstractFileArray: Returns the elements of a file array as an R vector

clone.AbstractFileArray: Clones a file array

close.AbstractFileArray: Closes a connection to the data file of the file array

colnames.FileMatrix: Gets the column names of a file matrix

delete.AbstractFileArray: Deletes the file array from the file system

dim.AbstractFileArray: Gets the dimension of the file array

dimnames.AbstractFileArray: Gets the dimension names of a file array

FileMatrix: Class representing a persistent matrix stored in a file

FileVector: Class representing a persistent vector stored on file

finalize.AbstractFileArray: Internal: Clean up when file array is deallocated from memory

flush.AbstractFileArray: Internal: Flushes the write buffer

getBasename.AbstractFileArray: Gets the basename (filename) of the data file

getByRow.FileMatrix: Checks if elements are stored row by row or not

getBytesPerCell.AbstractFileArray: Gets the number of bytes per element in a file array

getCloneNumber.AbstractFileArray: Gets the clone number of the file array

getComments.AbstractFileArray: Gets the comments for this file array

getDataOffset.AbstractFileArray: Gets file position of the data section in a file array

getDimensionOrder.AbstractFileArray: Gets the order of dimension

getExtension.AbstractFileArray: Gets the filename extension of the file array

getFileSize.AbstractFileArray: Gets the size of the file array

getName.AbstractFileArray: Gets the name of the file array

getPath.AbstractFileArray: Gets the path (directory) where the data file lives

getPathname.AbstractFileArray: Gets the full pathname to the data file

getSizeOfComments.AbstractFileArray: Gets the number of bytes the comments occupies

getSizeOfData.AbstractFileArray: Gets the size of the data section in bytes

getStorageMode.AbstractFileArray: Gets the storage mode of the file array

isOpen.AbstractFileArray: Checks whether the data file of the file array is open or not

length.AbstractFileArray: Gets the number of elements in a file array

names.FileVector: Gets the element names of a file vector

ncol.FileMatrix: Gets the number of columns of the matrix

Non-documented_objects: Non-documented objects

nrow.FileMatrix: Gets the number of rows of the matrix

open.AbstractFileArray: Opens a connection to the data file of the file array

readAllValues.AbstractFileArray: Reads all values in the file array

readContiguousValues.AbstractFileArray: Reads sets of contiguous values in the file array

readHeader.AbstractFileArray: Read the header of a file array data file

readValues.AbstractFileArray: Reads individual values in the file array

R.huge-package: Package R.huge

rowMeans.FileMatrix: Calculates the means for each row

rownames.FileMatrix: Gets the row names of a file matrix

rowSums.FileMatrix: Calculates the sum for each row

setComments.AbstractFileArray: Sets the comments for this file array

writeAllValues.AbstractFileArray: Writes all values to a file array

writeEmptyData.AbstractFileArray: Writes an empty data section to the data file of a file array

writeHeader.AbstractFileArray: Writes the header of a file array to file

writeValues.AbstractFileArray: Writes values to a file array

Files in this package

R.huge/R/FileByteVector.R R.huge/R/000.R R.huge/R/FileShortVector.R R.huge/R/FileVector.R R.huge/R/FileDoubleVector.R R.huge/R/FileByteMatrix.R R.huge/R/FileIntegerVector.R R.huge/R/FileFloatMatrix.R R.huge/R/FileDoubleMatrix.R R.huge/R/FileIntegerMatrix.R R.huge/R/AbstractFileArray.R R.huge/R/FileFloatVector.R R.huge/R/006.fixVarArgs.R R.huge/R/FileShortMatrix.R R.huge/R/seekCon.R R.huge/R/999.NonDocumentedObjects.R R.huge/R/999.package.R R.huge/R/FileMatrix.R R.huge/R/zzz.R
R.huge/man/AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/names.FileVector.Rd R.huge/man/getDimensionOrder.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/readAllValues.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getBytesPerCell.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/setComments.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/writeValues.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/ncol.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/000-LB-.FileVector.Rd R.huge/man/getFileSize.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/open.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/rownames.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/as.character.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getSizeOfData.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/writeAllValues.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/readHeader.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/as.vector.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/000-LB-LT_-.FileVector.Rd R.huge/man/000-LB-LT_-.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/finalize.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/flush.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getDataOffset.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/getCloneNumber.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getExtension.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getName.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/delete.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getStorageMode.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getComments.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/rowMeans.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/dimnames.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/writeHeader.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/isOpen.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getPath.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/readValues.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/FileVector.Rd R.huge/man/getPathname.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/000-LB-.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/as.character.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/nrow.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/R.huge-package.Rd R.huge/man/colnames.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/getBasename.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/clone.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/close.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getSizeOfComments.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/rowSums.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/length.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/writeEmptyData.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/getByRow.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/as.matrix.FileMatrix.Rd R.huge/man/readContiguousValues.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/dim.AbstractFileArray.Rd R.huge/man/Non-documented_objects.Rd

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