Man pages for R.methodsS3
S3 Methods Simplified

findDispatchMethodsS3Finds the S3 methods that a generic function would call
getDispatchMethodS3Gets the S3 method that a generic function would call
getGenericS3Gets an S3 generic function
getMethodS3Gets an S3 method
isGenericS3Checks if a function is a S3 generic function
isGenericS4Checks if a function is a S4 generic function
Non-documented_objectsNon-documented objects
pkgStartupMessageGenerates a (package) startup message
R.KEYWORDSReserved words in R not to be used for object names
R.methodsS3-packagePackage R.methodsS3
setGenericS3Creates an S3 generic function
setMethodS3Creates an S3 method
throwThrows an exception
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