Man pages for R330
An R package for Stats 330

acc.dfData from the Auckland City Council
acet.dfAcetylene Data
added.variable.plotsDraws an added variable plot for each independent variable
ad.dfAdvertising data
allpossregsCalculates all possible regressions
births.dfRisk factors for low birthweight
boxcoxplotDraws a Box-Cox plot
budworm.dfBudworm data
cancer.dfDeath Rates for Child Cancer
chd.dfCoronary heart disease data
chem.dfYield of Chemical Process
cherry.dfGirth, Height and Volume for Black Cherry Trees
chickwts.dfChicken Weights Data
coag.dfBlood Coagulation Data
cross.valCalculates cross-validated estimates of prediction error
cycles.dfCycles to failure of worsted yarn
diets.dfWeight gains of rats
drug.dfDrug addiction data
educ.dfEducations expenditure data
err.bootCalculates a bootstrap estimate of prediction error
ethanol.dfEngine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol
evap.dfMoisture evaporation data
fatty.dfFatty acid data
funnelPlots for checking for unequal variances
HLstatPerforms a Hosmer-Lemeshow test
housing.dfHousing conditions satisfaction
influenceplotsDraws plots of influence measures
ingots.dfUnreadiness for rolling of metal ingots
kyphosis.dfData on Children who have had Corrective Spinal Surgery
lizard.dfLizard data
metal.dfMetal Removal
mines.dfMining accident data
onions.dfOnion growing data
plum.dfPlum tree data
R330-packageUseful functions for Stats 330
rats.dfRat growth data
reg3d3d plot of data
ROC.curvedraws an ROC curve
rubber.dfRubber Specimen Data
salary.dfStudy of Supervisor Performance
sport.dfAustralian Institute of Sport
stamford.dfMaximum Daily Ozone Concertrations
test.lctests hypothesis cc^Tb=c
traffic.dfHighway accdient rates
vapour.dfHydrocarbon data
vaso.dfvaso-constriction data
WB.testPerforms a Weisberg-Bingham test for normality
wine.dfBordeaux Wine data
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