Man pages for R4CouchDB
A R Convenience Layer for CouchDB 2.0

cdbAddAttachmentAdd attachments
cdbAddDocGenerates a new document
cdbAddDocSThis function adds multiple database documents with one...
cdbDeleteDocDeletes a document from a database
cdbGetConfigRequest couchdb config
cdbGetDocGet a doc from CouchDB
cdbGetListReceive list results from CouchDB
cdbGetShowReceive show results from CouchDB
cdbGetUuidFunction for request one id
cdbGetUuidSFunction for request some ids
cdbGetViewReceive view results from CouchDB
cdbIniIni function
cdbListDBReturns all databases on the server
cdbMakeDBCreates a new database
cdbRemoveDBFunction to remove a database
cdbUpdateDocThis function updates an existing doc
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