R6Frame: R6 Wrapper for Data Frames

Provides a R6 "frame" around data which allows one to create more complex objects/operations based on the underlying data.

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AuthorKristian D. Olsen [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-05-31 15:18:12
MaintainerKristian D. Olsen <kristian@doingit.no>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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anti_join.R6Frame Man page
arrange_.R6Frame Man page
bind_cols Man page
bind_cols.R6Frame Man page
bind_rows Man page
bind_rows.R6Frame Man page
cbind Man page
complete_.R6Frame Man page
dcast Man page
dplyr_binds Man page
dplyr_joins Man page
dplyr_verbs Man page
expand_.R6Frame Man page
fill_.R6Frame Man page
filter_.R6Frame Man page
full_join.R6Frame Man page
gather_.R6Frame Man page
group_by_.R6Frame Man page
groups.R6Frame Man page
is.R6Frame Man page
left_join.R6Frame Man page
melt Man page
mutate_.R6Frame Man page
R6Frame Man page
rbind Man page
rename_.R6Frame Man page
right_join.R6Frame Man page
select_.R6Frame Man page
semi_join.R6Frame Man page
spread_.R6Frame Man page
summarise_.R6Frame Man page
tbl_vars.R6Frame Man page
tidyr_verbs Man page
ungroup.R6Frame Man page

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