Man pages for RCMIP5
Tools for Manipulating and Summarizing CMIP5 Data

addProvenanceAdd provenance information to a cmip5data object
as.array.cmip5dataConvert a cmip5data object to an array a cmip5data object to a data frame
calcGridAreaCalculate the grid cella area for a centered lat/lon grid
checkTimePeriodCheck for continuous time periods in CMIP5 files
cmip5dataThe 'cmip5data' class
cmip5.weighted.meanAlternative weighted mean
convert_array_to_dfConvert array format cmip5data to data frame format
filterDimensionLatFilter latitude dimension.
filterDimensionLonFilter longitude dimension.
filterDimensionsFilter dimensions, limiting to arbitrary lon/lat/Z/time...
filterDimensionTimeMonthsFilter time (months) dimension.
filterDimensionTimeYearsFilter time (years) dimension.
filterDimensionZFilter Z dimension.
getFileInfoList all CMIP5 files in a directory tree
getProjectionMatrixCalculate projection matrix to translate one grid to another
loadCMIP5Load CMIP5 data
loadEnsembleLoad a unique CMIP5 ensemble
makeAnnualStatCompute annual statistic of a variable
makeGlobalStatCompute global statistic of a variable
makeMonthlyStatCompute monthly statistic of a variable
makePackageDataMake package datasets and write them to disk.
makeZStatCompute Z-dimension statistic of a variable
mergeExperimentsMerge data for two separate experiments
nvalsReturn number of data values
print.cmip5dataPrint a 'cmip5data' class object.
print.summary.cmip5dataPrint the summary for a 'cmip5data' class object.
RCMIP5Tools for Manipulating and Summarizing CMIP5 Data
regridProject the values of a 'cmip5data' object onto a new grid
restoreMissingDimsRestore missing and/or degenerate dimensions in the data
saveNetCDFSave a cmip5data object to NetCDF format
summary.cmip5dataSummarize a 'cmip5data' class object.
valsReturn data values
worldPlotPlot global data
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