RChronoModel: Post-Processing of the Markov Chain Simulated by ChronoModel or Oxcal

Provides a list of functions for the statistical analysis and the post-processing of the Markov Chains simulated by ChronoModel (see <http://www.chronomodel.fr> for more information). ChronoModel is a friendly software to construct a chronological model in a Bayesian framework. Its output is a sampled Markov chain from the posterior distribution of dates component the chronology. The functions can also be applied to the analyse of mcmc output generated by Oxcal software.

AuthorAnne Philippe and Marie-Anne Vibet
Date of publication2017-01-12 15:42:28
MaintainerAnne Philippe <anne.philippe@univ-nantes.fr>

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Man pages

CreateMinMaxGroup: Constructing the minimum and the maximum for a group of...

CredibleInterval: Bayesian credible interval

DatesHiatus: Test for the existence of a hiatus between two parameters

Events: Events

ImportCSV: Importing a CSV file containing the output of the MCMC...

MarginalPlot: Plot of a marginal posterior density

MarginalProba: Bayesian test for anteriority / posteriority between two...

MarginalStatistics: Marginal summary statistics

MultiCredibleInterval: Bayesian credible intervals for a series of dates

MultiDatesPlot: Plot of the endpoints of credible intervals or HPD intervals...

MultiHPD: Bayesian highest posterior density regions for a series of...

MultiPhasePlot: Plot of the marginal posterior densities of several phases

MultiPhasesGap: Gap/Hiatus between a succession of phases (for phases in...

MultiPhasesTransition: Transition range for a succession of phases (for phases in...

MultiPhaseTimeRange: Phase Time Range for multiple phases

MultiSuccessionPlot: Successive Phases Density Plots (for phases in temporal order...

PhaseDurationPlot: Plot of the marginal posterior densities of the duration of a...

PhasePlot: Plot of the marginal posterior densities of a phase

Phases: Phases

PhasesGap: Gap or Hiatus between two successive phases (for phases in...

PhaseStatistics: Summary statistics for a phase

PhasesTransition: Transition range between two successive phases (for phases in...

PhaseTimeRange: Phase Time Range

SuccessionPlot: Density Plots of two successive phases (for phases in...

TempoActivityPlot: Plot of the activity of events

TempoPlot: Plot of the occurence of events


CreateMinMaxGroup Man page
CredibleInterval Man page
DatesHiatus Man page
Events Man page
ImportCSV Man page
MarginalPlot Man page
MarginalProba Man page
MarginalStatistics Man page
MultiCredibleInterval Man page
MultiDatesPlot Man page
MultiHPD Man page
MultiPhasePlot Man page
MultiPhasesGap Man page
MultiPhasesTransition Man page
MultiPhaseTimeRange Man page
MultiSuccessionPlot Man page
PhaseDurationPlot Man page
PhasePlot Man page
Phases Man page
PhasesGap Man page
PhaseStatistics Man page
PhasesTransition Man page
PhaseTimeRange Man page
SuccessionPlot Man page
TempoActivityPlot Man page
TempoPlot Man page

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