Loading Criteo Data into R

Aims at loading Criteo online advertising campaign data into R. Criteo is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to display commercial ads to web users. The package provides an authentication process for R with the Criteo API. Moreover, the package features an interface to query campaign data from the Criteo API. The data can be downloaded and will be transformed into a R data frame.


The package can be installed directly from this Github repository with:

require(devtools) install_github('jburkhardt/RCriteo')



The function doCriteoAuth manages the complete authentication process and returns an authentication token.

Create Statement:

scedCriteoReport generates the campaign report statement and schedules the report. The API returns a job ID, which will later be used to receive the data.

Download Data:

criteoData manages the complete data download process. The function returns the requested data as data frame.

Retrieve Campaign IDs:

getCriteoCampaigns loads campaign information.

Criteo Job Status:

getCriteoJobStatus monitors if the API processed the report.

Download URL:

getCriteoDownloadURL returns the download Url of the report.

Loading Data:

getCriteoData loads the data into as R data frame.

Get Account Information

getCriteoAccount returns the account information.

Get Campaign Information

getCriteoCampaigns returns list of Campaigns and additional information.



library(RCriteo) authToken <- doCriteoAuth(user = "userName", password = "**********", company = "companyName", app = "appName", version = "3.6")

Retrieve Campaign IDs

getCriteoCampaigns(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************')

Create Statement

jobID <- scedCriteoReport(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************', campaigns = c("12345", "23345", "98765", "45639"), metrics = c("clicks", "impressions", "cost", "sales"), start = "2015-09-01", end = "2015-09-06")

Download Data

data <- criteoData(authToken = authToken, appToken = '*************', jobID = jobID)

Get Job Status

jobStatus <- getCriteoJobStatus(authToken = authToken, appToken = '************', jobID = jobID)

Get Download URL

URL <- getCriteoDownloadURL(authToken = authToken, appToken = '************', jobID = jobID)

Load Data

data <- getCriteoData(URL = URL, jobID = jobID)

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