RCryptsy: Access to Cryptsy Crypto-Currency Exchange Public Information API via R

Basic access to market infomation from the public API for the Crypto-Currency exchange Cryptsy.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorWilliam Kyle Hamilton <kyle.hamilton@gmail.com>
Date of publication2015-07-29 06:21:33
MaintainerWilliam Kyle Hamilton <kyle.hamilton@gmail.com>

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GeneralMarketData_42CBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_ADTLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_ANCLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_ASCLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_AURLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_BATLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_BCLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_BTCUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_CAIxLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_CGBLTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_DOGEBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_DOGELTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_DOGEUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_DRKBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_DRKUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_FTCBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_FTCUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_LTCBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_LTCUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_NXTBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_PCCUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_RDDUSD Man page
GeneralMarketData_UNOBTC Man page
GeneralMarketData_XRPUSD Man page
RCryptsy Man page
RCryptsy-package Man page

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