Man pages for RDota2
An R Steam API Client for Valve's Dota2

get_event_stats_for_accountEvent Stats for Accounts
get_game_itemsDota Items
get_heroesDota Heroes
get_item_icon_pathIcon Paths for items
get_league_listingInformation about DotaTV-supported leagues
get_live_league_gamesInformation about Live League Matches
get_match_detailsInformation about a specific match
get_match_historyA list of Matches
get_match_history_by_sequence_numA list of Matches
get_raritiesDota Store Item Rarities
get_responseThe engine of the request functions
get_scheduled_league_gamesScheduled League Games
get_team_info_by_team_idTeam Information
get_top_live_gameTop Live Games
get_tournament_player_statsTournament Player Stats
get_tournament_prize_poolDota Tournament Prizes
key_actionsThis function makes the key accessible to all functions.
print.dota_apiprint method for dota_api class
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