REPPlab: R Interface to 'EPP-Lab', a Java Program for Exploratory Projection Pursuit

An R Interface to 'EPP-lab' v1.0. 'EPP-lab' is a Java program for projection pursuit using genetic algorithms written by Alain Berro and S. Larabi Marie-Sainte and is included in the package. The 'EPP-lab' sources are available under

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorDaniel Fischer, Alain Berro, Klaus Nordhausen, Anne Ruiz-Gazen
Date of publication2016-08-28 09:17:09
MaintainerDaniel Fischer <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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coef.epplab Man page
coef,epplab-method Man page
coef-method Man page
EPPlab Man page
EPPlabAgg Man page
EPPlabOutlier Man page
fitted.epplab Man page
fitted,epplab-method Man page
fitted-method Man page
pairs.epplab Man page
pairs,epplab-method Man page
pairs-method Man page
plot.epplab Man page
plot,epplab-method Man page
plot.epplabOutlier Man page
plot,epplabOutlier-method Man page
plot-method Man page
predict.epplab Man page
predict,epplab-method Man page
predict-method Man page
print.epplab Man page
print,epplab-method Man page
print.epplabOutlier Man page
print,epplabOutlier-method Man page
print-method Man page
ReliabilityData Man page
R/EPP-lab-package Man page
REPPlab-package Man page
screeplot.epplab Man page
screeplot,epplab-method Man page
screeplot-method Man page
summary.epplab Man page
summary,epplab-method Man page
summary.epplabOutlier Man page
summary,epplabOutlier-method Man page
summary-method Man page
WhitenSVD Man page

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