combineData: Combines radii data from multiple files into one data.frame

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Combines radii data from multiple files into one data.frame


Combines radial measurements made on calcified structures and saved to an R data file with digitizeRadii into a single data.frame that can then be post-processed (e.g., back-calculate length at a previous age).


  formatOut = c("long", "wide"),
  typeOut = c("radii", "increments"),
  deletePlusGrowth = TRUE



A string (or vector of strings) that indicates the R data file(s) created with digitizeRadii. If missing the user will be provided a dialog box from which to choose the file(s). The file(s) must be in the current working directory (see getwd result). May also be a single RFishBC object created with digitizeRadii.


A string that indicates the output format for the combined data. The "wide" (DEFAULT) format has one-radius-per-line (i.e., each radial measurement for a fish in on a separate row), whereas the "long" format has one-fish-per-line (i.e., each radial measurement for a fish is in a separate column).


A string that indicated output type for the combined data. The "radii" (DEFAULT) type will output the radial measurements, whereas the "increments" will output incremental measurements.


A logical that indicates whether the radial measurement that corresponds to “plus-growth” should be deleted from the returned data.frame (TRUE; DEFAULT) or not (FALSE).


A detailed description of its use is in this vignette on the RFishBC website. The list of R data file names may be efficiently created with listFiles as described in that vignette. The R data file names may also be selected from a dialog box if using Windows.


A data.frame that contains the radii data created with digitizeRadii for all files given in nms.


Derek H. Ogle,


## See the link to the extensive documentation in the Details.

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