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The R Formatter formats R source code. It is very much based on formatR, but tries to improve it by heuristics. For example, spaces can be forced around the division operator /.

The following features are added to formatR.


In R, run

> install.packages("RFormatter")



> RFormatter::format_R_source_code("if (b) { f() }")
> RFormatter::format_R_source_code("p = 2", list(arrow = TRUE))
> RFormatter::format_R_source_code("(k/n)^x", spaced_operators = c("/"))

Get more help with

> ?RFormatter::format_R_source_code

Command-Line Utility

To format a source file source.R via a command-line interface, do the following. Warning: the original file is overwritten, so better back it up first! Use this at your own risk. Run

$ Rscript [utility] source.R

where [utility] is the path given by

> system.file("exec", "utility.R", package = "RFormatter")

Related Projects

Have a look at Yihui Xie’s formatR.

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