Man pages for RGtk2Extras
Data frame editor and dialog making wrapper for RGtk2

dfeditConvenience function for editing a data frame in its own...
dfviewConvenience function for viewing a data frame in its own...
get_all_tablesReturn all tables
GetTaskPasteInReturn all tables
get.valueReturn all tables
gtkDfEditCommandDataOpen the Command Editor
gtkDfEditDoTaskEditor change handling.
gtkDfEditEditFactorsOpen the Factor Editor
gtkDfEditGetColumnNamesReturn the columns of the RGtk2DfEdit object...
gtkDfEditGetDataFrameReturn a data frame from the RGtk2DfEdit object...
gtkDfEditGetDatasetNameReturn all tables
gtkDfEditGetDimensionReturn the dimensions (nrow, ncol) of the RGtk2DfEdit...
gtkDfEditGetModelget Model from object...
gtkDfEditGetRowNamesReturn the row names of the RGtk2DfEdit object...
gtkDfEditGetSelectionget selected row and column indices...
gtkDfEditSetActionHandlerSetting user defined functions on the editor
gtkDfEditSetDatasetNameReturn all tables
gtkDfEditSortOpen the Sort dialog
gtkDfEditUndoUndo the previous action
my_choose_filesReturn all tables
object.existsReturn all tables
quick_messageReturn all tables
run.dialogSimple Dialog Maker package for RGtk2
safe.evalReturn all tables
set.valueSet widget value
z[.GtkDfEditS3 data extraction method...
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